Monday, July 20, 2009

On Target

Work has progressed lately on the target system. These are a set of classes used to convey information, such as configuration or command line options, to various parts of the backend that do the real work - such as compiling or JITing a single script - and also to the runtime. This paves the way for a very modular, dynamic driver system which will be necessary to use rphp from as many different front ends as are planned. For example, we're planning on supporting at least:

  1. Generating native (static file) binaries and libraries
  2. Just In Time compilation and execution of command line scripts
  3. A web interface to the JIT, which you can fire up and point to the root directory of your PHP application
  4. Library interface to the analyzer, which can be called from e.g. an IDE

Speaking of the analyzer, we've also had some progress there as well. More on that soon.